Self-Care and Grounding

Tips for Self-Care during a Quarantine 

Stay Connected

While you may be having to maintain a safe physical distance from others, stay connected through texting, phone calls, or video chats.  

Pause the Productivity

It can be easy to feel like you have to get a lot accomplished right now. Staying active and achieving goals can be great, but it is also ok to take a break.  

Express Yourself

Getting creative can help to ease stress and sort through feelings. Draw, paint, write a poem, practice calligraphy, dance it out; whatever feels best for you!  The OAS Team got creative by creating our own online puzzles to share with you! You can find the links on the Virtual Puzzle section of our website. 

Reach Out

Quarantining can feel very isolating and lonely. You are not alone. There are many people who care about you and want to support you. OAS is a resource, and we have also listed some 24/7 national hotlines below.  

Take a Media Break

There is a lot of information circulating and our world is constantly receiving new updates. It’s ok to take a media break, especially if you are feeling overwhelmed. All that information will be there when you feel ready to re-engage.  

Grounding Techniques 

Spend some time checking in with your mind and body through the following grounding practices. Find a familiar scent (perfume, soap, lotion, tea, essential oil, etc.) and make a routine of smelling it in the morning, before bed, or another routine part of your day. Have the scent with you and smell it when you are in need of grounding, combining this with some slow, deep belly breaths. Lay on the ground and do a quick body scan. Notice each part of your body where the floor touches you, and focus on that sensation, the pressure, the texture and the temperature.


Six Ways to Practice Grounding

National Resources and Hotlines  

National Domestic Violence Hotline  

National Sexual Assault Hotline - RAINN  

Loved Ones in Healthcare 

Learn more about strategies for health and coping during the COVID-19 Outbreak (PDF), particularly when a loved one is in the healthcare field.