If you are a survivor of any form of trauma and violence, reaching out for help can be an important step in your recovery and healing process. The information provided on this page is just a starting point, we welcome you to contact us for personalized options, referrals, and advocacy.

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Interested in learning more about GW's Title IX policy? Check out the GW Title IX website.

Designated Reporter Explained

The Office of Advocacy and Support provides confidential assistance for GW community members who have experienced any form of trauma or violence. OAS advocates can help with navigating processes, including Title IX.

What is a Designated Reporter?

Designated Reporters are university community members who are required to promptly report all information they learn about a Title IX related incident to the Title IX Office. If someone discloses a Title IX related incident to a Designated Reporter, the person who disclosed will receive outreach from Title IX to discuss resources and support measures.

Who is a Designated Reporter?

All faculty members, Residential Advisors, Teaching Assistants, Athletics staff, and the majority of staff members to name a few. You can find the full list on Title IX's website.

How do I report a disclosure of sexual harassment?

You can submit a report to the Title IX office in a variety of ways by:

You do not need to obtain details or find out if the allegation is true. Instead, provide the information to Title IX office.

Tips for Designated Reporters

If a GW community member tells you about sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence or stalking, make it clear that you have to provide that information to the Title IX Office.

  • Make it clear: "I'm so sorry to interrupt you but I want to let you know I'm considered a designated reporter by GW's Title IX Office. That means if you tell me about something related to sexual harassment, I have to provide that information to the Title IX Office."
  • Explain what happens when Title IX is contacted: "What will happen is that you will get an outreach email from their office making sure you know your rights and resources."
  • Provide resources: "You are not alone. You can contact Title IX Office if you have additional questions at [email protected]. And, if interested, you can speak to a confidential resource such as the Office of Advocacy and Support."

OAS Contact Information

520 22nd St. NW



Guide to Civil Protection/Peace Orders

If you wish to apply for a Protection/Peace Order, the Office of Advocacy & Support can accompany you to court as well as assist with the coordination of transportation.

The Loudoun Citizens for Social Justice (LAWS)


This video provides a brief overview of the services available for GW’s Virginia Science Technology Campus (VSTC) community members who have experienced or been impacted by violence or trauma. In this recording, The Loudoun Citizens for Social Justice referred to as LAWS provides information on who they are, the services they provide, and how to get connected. You can contact LAWS  via their 24- hour hotline (703)777-6552.

This video does not have Closed Captions. Please find a transcript of the LAWS introduction video.